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Les chefs d’œuvre du roman d’amour

Looking for romance novel classics? Here is a small list of classics of romantic literature. All these are of French or English origin. Let's take a look at these 4 masterpieces of romain d'amour in more detail.

Masterpieces of the romance novel 1: Tristan et Iseut by André Mary

Let's start the list with the old legend of Tristan and Iseut . This story comes from the Celtic oral tradition . Tristan de Loonois is an orphan , born under the sign of sadness. He serves the King of Cornwall. For this one, he fights the cruel Morhout and travels across the sea to bring back the beautiful Iseut to his king Mark whom he chose to take for a wife. But on the nave that carries them away, Tristan and Iseut inadvertently drink the herb wine prepared by the mother of this girl for the night of her wedding. Immediately awakens in their hearts an irresistible love that leads them to brave human laws, because there is no cure for the fire that consumes them ...

Masterpieces of Love Novel 2: Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen

It was in the year 1813 that the book Orgueil et Préjugés appeared. How not to evoke this novel of love? It is nothing other than a classic. For 19th century English women , there is no salvation outside of marriage! Devilish romance, the adventures of the caustic Elizabeth Bennet and the vain Mr Darcy do not take a ride! However, it is sometimes necessary to put aside his pride and accept the fall of the masks to see more clearly at night. This is a universal classic of the genre, funny and moving .

Masterpieces of the love novel 3: Madame de Lafayette's Princess de Cleves

In 1678 , Madame de Lafayette's Princess de Cleves appeared. This is a founding love novel. This is the first novel to describe in so many details the psychology of its different characters : the throes of passion or jealousy suffered by Madame de Cleves, her husband or Monsieur de Nemour remain of an astonishing modernity. This novel tells the inner torment of a princess who swore fidelity to her husband while she experiences love for the handsome and seductive Duke of Nemour. This novel was the subject of many cinematographic adaptations.

Masterpieces of Love Novel 4: DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley Lover

Published in Italy in the year 1928 , this book made a great controversy at the time. Indeed, this scandal comes at once from the romance between a married aristocrat and a member of the working class. But also including the style used and the sensuality of the passages featuring their sexual relations, which is shocking for the time. Its publication in England came in the 1960s and gave rise to a trial for its publisher. The judgment in his favor has been of jurisprudence and has also given rise to greater freedom of expression in the country.